Would you rent clothes when you travel?

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Canadian entrepreneur Catharine MacIntosh has announced she hopes to launch the Zero Baggage concept in 2010. Her launch markets would be the Gold Coast of Australia and in her hometown, Toronto.

Clients would pre-select wardrobes on-line and they’d be waiting for them in their hotel rooms when they check in. New or pre-worn clothes would be available.

This is an interesting concept. But would I go for it?

Well, yes and no. How I’d love not having to worry about the cost of checking suitcases, or not having my bags arrive when I do.

Then there’s the security problem. My suitcases have “inspect me” written all over them and the TSA doesn’t always repack my clothes terribly neatly. Also, some things have disappeared. Where’s that sweater I wear with everything?

Backpackers might find this service a boon to traveling light. If the clothes are inexpensive enough, they might qualify as disposable.

If you’re traveling with children, this service might be a godsend. Little ones need a lot of changes and if the price is right, having clothes awaiting them (especially pre-worn ones in excellent condition) could cut your suitcase count down substantially. But don’t think you can get away without bringing their favorite things or they might freak.

If you’re heading to a region where the weather system is different from the one where you live, not having to buy heavy winter coats if you’re from Florida could save you a bundle. This would be especially true for young children who are experiencing growth spurts.

As I travel frequently, I have whittled my clothes down to the point that I can take a carry-on. But when I see families going on vacation, I wonder how and if they’ll ever transport their suitcases and keep track of their children. They arrive at airports and need to rent carts to pile up their possessions plus their offspring.

What do you think of the “rent your clothes” concept? How extensive would the selection need to be in order to entice you? Would you worry about whether or not the clothes would be the correct size? Ms. MacIntosh has received considerable positive feedback. But, I’m sure she’d appreciate your opinions.

Karen Fawcett is president of BonjourParis.

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