Move quickly to snare a hotel room for $1 a night

Written by admin on January 26, 2009 – 9:19 pm -

Beginning on January 26th, is conducting a two-week-long zinger sale on hotel rooms — those who move quickly enough can book a room for up to seven nights and pay only $1 per night. Is this too good to be true?

Well, yes and no. Last is offering up its worldwide 15,000-hotel inventory for sale. But there’s a hitch and make sure to read the fine print.

One hitch: Travelers won’t know which hotel they’ll be booking until the deed is done.

The real catch: This dollar-a-night deal will be available for only 15 minutes each day and exclusively during weekdays. Aaahh… which 15 minutes?

Travelers will need sign up for email clues to find out which 15 minutes are the hot ones. For any gamblers, this could be a very worthwhile game to play.

Hope the site doesn’t crash from an overload of traffic or will have plenty of grumbling bargain hunters and some embarrassed hotel affiliates. In this economy, it’s worth going the unconventional route to get super bargains.

Winners, however, won’t be able to complain about the room cost.

Be prepared to move fast. Get ready. Get set. Go. Good luck!

Karen Fawcett is president of BonjourParis and is always delighted to unearth a bargain.

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