The case for adults-only vacations

Written by admin on October 7, 2009 – 4:44 pm -

In this economy, the travel industry needs to remain fluid, even if it means saying children aren’t welcome. Don’t take this trend as being nasty or uncaring. But, there are times when “adults only” is the way to go.

For example, if you’re planning a honeymoon or anniversary cruise or a romantic getaway, do you really want wee ones under foot? Not necessarily and you don’t have to feel guilty.

Some camp grounds cater to an older clientele without little ones in tow. Perhaps occasional things take place among consenting adults that aren’t meant for  children’s eyes. Contrasted with the rough and tumble days of pitching a tent and cooking over a Coleman stove, campsites are being refurbished with modern amenities. Approximately 445 camp grounds in the U.S. and Canada have added Jacuzzis, movie theaters and restaurants.

Adults-only travel has recently gained considerable popularity. Hoteliers report that guests are requesting adults-only areas. Presently, a number of resorts are being built which don’t welcome children. Is it a crime to crave peace and quiet?

When do you want to get away and not see or hear children? Do you have them at home and want to escape to the land of peace and quiet? Are you bothered by children when you’re on a business trip? How many of you would search out an adults-only retreat and when?

If you happen to have children or grandchildren who think they should accompany you, how do explain you’re taking off alone and not have them call a social services agency and cry “neglect”? After all, it’s important to remain politically correct.

(Photo: Four Seasons Maui at Wailea — adults only serenity pool)

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