10 hotel bathroom fantasies

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For some, hotel rooms with big beds, fluffy pillows and amenities are important. Others find their lodging pleasure in the bathrooms. Well, what used to be known as bathrooms. You remember – a toilet, a sink and a tub for a shower or bath.

It’s no longer sufficient for hotels to have free business centers, WiFi, Bose iPod docking stations, lush Continental breakfasts and a mini-store where some supplies may be purchased. Now the bathroom should be grand enough that you can invite people for a party.

Here are my 10 secret hotel bathroom fantasies:

1. A huge tub (preferably with a Jacuzzi) plus a separate clear glass floor-to-ceiling shower stall with multiple jets and a rain shower spray. Preferably, it should be big enough for two people.

2. Enough hot water that you can sit or stand forever and the pressure is super strong.

3. How about a flat screen TV visible from every angle?

4. Naturally  – a telephone. And please, a clock.

5. A powerful hairdrier.

6. Two sinks — it’s hard to share. Please include good lighting and a no-fog magnifying mirror.

7. More towels and washcloths than you can possibly use– the thicker and fluffier the better. So much for the green movement.

8. Robes – who wants to pack their own?

9. Designer toiletries and they shouldn’t be the mini-mini size.

10. Flowers in the bathroom in addition to the bedroom.

I remember when I was pleased to find a super clean bathroom, a high voltage hairdryer and water faucets that were correctly marked and turned in the right direction.

Clearly, those days are a thing of the past. Bring in the luxuries, giant mirrors and elegant marble décor. And yes, would the housekeeping staff leave candy or some cookies at night.

In Europe, I always found a bidets. But, they are a luxury that I’ve only used to cool champagne and to wash underwear and pantyhose.

My bathroom fantasies sound terrific to me and to other hotel dreamers. But I’m certain I’ve forgotten some of the true nitty-gritty necessities. Plus, I’m certain you have your own fantasies. Feel free to add them.

Karen Fawcett is president of BonjourParis.

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