More women are hitting the road solo — are you ready?

Written by admin on September 15, 2008 – 2:50 pm -

Many women used to feel guilty if they went on vacations without their husbands or families in tow. Are they entitled to time alone or with female friends?

They might have been forgiven if they were heading to a spa. The first Golden Door was inaugurated in 1958 in Escondido, Calif. Its founder, Deborah Szekely, was a pioneer in the keep yourself in shape, pamper (and lose weight) movement. Discretion was guaranteed as many of rich and famous, actresses and socialites were the center’s primary clients. But they were considered select since money wasn’t an object.

What began as something “exclusive” is no longer. All-female retreats and women-only travel companies have grown by more than 200 percent since 1993.

Some married women may feel guilty about leaving their husbands alone while their spouses are frequently delighted. There’s nothing like watching a man pace in front of a store while his wife shops. Husbands often prefer staying home and supervising the couple’s children which minimizes another concern.

Karen Fawcett is the president of Bonjour Paris.

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