Soupe de carottes a la Karen: Karen’s Carrot Soup Recipe

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Soupe de carottes à la Karen

(Karen’s Carrot Soup)

If you have someone in your life who hates vegetables, here’s a solution. Don’t think this recipe is only suitable for carrots. When zucchinis were invading the garden in Provence and they couldn’t be beaten back with a stick, I could even sell it (OK, give it away) to our neighbors in soup form. Another plus, this soup can be served hot or cold.


1.5 pounds of carrots (washed & cut into ½” pieces)

1 medium onion, quartered

1 medium potato, quartered

1-2 fresh lemons, juiced

2 large chicken bouillon cubes (or chicken stock, for purists)

dollops crème fraîche or sour cream

2-4 drops Maggi ® Liquid Seasoning

½ pint non-fat half & half

fresh dill or chives to taste

salt, ground pepper & seasonings to taste (some like curry or ginger)

water for boiling vegetables (cover vegetables in water plus some extra water)


Bring water containing chopped vegetables to a boil & cook until the vegetables are really soft.

Remove from heat, do not strain & cool to room temperature.

When the combination is at room temperature, put into a blender and add the juice of one to two fresh lemons—do not cheat by using commercial lemon juice.

Add 2-4 drops of Maggi® Liquid Seasoning.

Add ½ pint of non-fat half and half.


Add chopped-up fresh dill (or chives) to soup to taste.

Chill in the refrigerator & allow enough time for the flavors to blend. (The day before is okay.)


Before serving, test to make certain the soup is the consistency you like. Soup may be thinned with milk, chicken stock or even ice cubes (don’t tell). Taste again—you may want to add salt, more lemon juice.

Pour into pretty bowls, mugs (I do this when I have people for parties) or even glasses.

Add a dollop of crème fraîche or sour cream. Garnish with some fresh dill or chives.


Some secrets: this soup can be a last chance for vegetables a day or two older than optimal.

Don’t be afraid to experiment: Even people who hate cauliflower and broccoli have been known to like these soups. My fennel soup won second prize in the soup contest in Séguret. The judges couldn’t believe it was made by l’américaine.

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