Packing the essentials: cords, plugs, adaptors and more

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Not so many years ago, packing the essentials signified clothes, toiletries, medications and probably an adaptor plug or a dual current hairdryer if you were heading overseas.

For many people who travel to multiple countries on business, assembling a suitcase requires an increasing amount of time and attention.

I’m in the middle of my trip. I’m learning how prepared and unprepared I am. I’m collecting a list of essentials as I go. Here’s my list (and muttered comments) after a week away.

Cords, plugs, adaptors and more: they seem to multiply each year and why can’t more of them have multi-uses?

A computer.

Travel with an Ethernet cable. There’re not always easy to come by and don’t count on being able to connect via WiFi.

A Blackberry that may or may not work. If it works as a telephone, it may not be able to receive emails depending on the country.

A quad-band cell phone for which you can buy a local SIM card to make and receive calls at a more reasonable cost. Of course that necessitates being able to get on line in order to inform people of the telephone number of the week – unless you travel so much that you keep multiple numbers operative.

A camera, which necessitates a charger and a UBS card reader so the camera’s memory chip can be downloaded onto a computer and the photos can be deleted.

The most recent necessity is a set of earphones or a Bluetooth earphone (it needs to be charged as well) so you may call people via Skype.

If your computer doesn’t have a built-in web-cam, you may want to take a portable one. Don’t forget the UBS cord.

If you’re wise, you’ll also take some memory sticks or thumb drives to back up your work.

All of these plugs, wires and other paraphernalia will undoubtedly cause your suitcase to be subject to inspection when going through airport security. You can always check these items. But as they have become essential for dong business, most people carry them aboard for fear of their not arriving or disappearing.

Many travelers insist on carrying their personal noise canceling headphones to use during the flight (don’t forget extra batteries) and thick eyeshades.

At this point, most carry-on bags are so full that it’s a struggle to include your files not to mention a book to read.

There are bound to be items I’m forgetting. Please add them.

Karen Fawcett is president of BonjourParis

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