Oh say can you see? And drink and drive?

Written by admin on August 29, 2008 – 3:01 pm -

It could happen anywhere but somehow it feels so very French and it happened in Nancy, France. Where else could a blind man get behind a car’s wheel and be fined only 500 euros ($750) by a judge presiding in a French court room. Not only did this 29-year-old journalist not have a driver’s license but also he clocked in at having double the permissible alcohol level after the police performed a breathalyzer test.

To be sure he was feeling no pain as he and his accomplice, the owner of the car, were taking a joy ride on a country road in the very early hours on July 25th.

The police didn’t stop the duo for speeding. Rather, they spotted the car zigzagging at a low speed and wondered exactly what was taking place.

The car’s owner, a 52-year-old photographer, was indulging his blind friend’s wish to drive. Unfortunately, he was also pronounced drunk and was fined the same amount plus the judge revoked his license for five months.

No one was hurt — but it only goes to show that truth is often stranger than fiction. And some of us think that driving in pitch darkness is exciting.

Karen Fawcett is president of Bonjour Paris.

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